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A Los Angeles winner of the Patients' Choice Awards in Physical Therapy 


Our mission is to provide excellent physical therapy and rehabilitation assessment and treatment of injuries and musculoskeletal problems allowing our clients to achieve and surpass their personal fitness and activity goals.  We provide physical therapy, rehabilitation services, fitness, and wellness services to the greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Hollywood areas.

  1. To provide our clients skilled assessment and personalized treatment using state of the art science and knowledge of physical therapy.

  2. Empowering our client to improve function and fitness through education.

  3. Define a common goal of returning our client to their maximal physical performance.


We offer a variety of services and will tailor a program that will optimize your visit to reach your rehabilitation or fitness goals.  Your therapist will discuss with you the plan of care they believe would best achieve your goals.  During your treatment we will use a variety of modalities and manual therapy techniques.  In addition, you will be taught exercise to do at home that will complement the strength and conditioning program you may perform during your visit to our office.

We also offer a GYM PROGRAM for those who desire to continue an exercise program after their rehabilitation is completed or for those just wanting to improve their overall fitness.  These programs can be designed for a variety of goals such as sports specific training, weight loss, or just general fitness.  Please call our office for more details.


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