Heather Case PT




Heather is a recent transplant to  Los Angeles.  Prior to moving here, she had a successful career in health and fitness in New York City.  She owned and operated a physical therapy practice in the Times Square-Theater District.  She is  a graduate cum laude of the NYU School of Physical Therapy, as well as a former dancer and personal fitness trainer.  In her years as a private practitioner she has undergone extensive postgraduate training in the areas of orthopedic manual therapy, osteopathy, and sports medicine.  She brings her knowledge of movement and fitness to each session.   Her patients include persons from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life from young to those more seasoned, athletic as well as the under conditioned.  Ms. Case is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association.


Heather has worked as a volunteer PT for the New York City Marathon and Triathalon.  Her interests include biking, yoga, and singing.


Heather  is available Monday, and Wednesday 9 to 6 and  Friday 9 to 5.   Please call 323-655-9055 to schedule an appointment.